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Vermette's  Market was established in 1943 by Edward J. Vermette and his wife Mabel.  They both enjoyed working at the store and interacting daily with their customers.  The store has been expanded a few times since then to meet the growing customer demand.   The store continues to be kept in the family and is owned by Eddie and Mabel's daughter, Elaine Fowler.

Managers of the store today have also had a long history with Vermettes.  Gerard Morin, store manager, has worked here for 25 years, and Gale Hanshaw,  office manager, has worked here for 35 years.  Several other employees have also surpassed the 20 year mark ! 

Today Vermette's offers a large grocery, meat, dairy and produce selection, as well as a great variety of beer, liquor and fine wines.  

We are also a lucky place to pick up your lottery tickets. In 2008 we sold a ten million dollar winner !
West Newbury Food Mart was opened by Eddie Vermette in 1959.  It began as a tiny store next to a service station and a local diner.  Unfortunately the original store was lost in a fire in 1963.  This resulted in a large scale rebuilding and expansion.  The store was expanded again in 1976 to the current size.  

The "Food Mart", as it is known, carries a wide selection of groceries, meat and produce, as well as a great beer, wine and liquor department.  The store also has a very popular coffee and donut section that customers enjoy to start off their day !